Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment

Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Waste water from industrial processes or premises can contain a wide range of contaminants which need to be removed before the water can be discharged. ABCAN can tailor waste water solutions to remove or reduce a wide range on contamination to acceptable levels.

Onsite treatment of waste water can remove the need for transportation offsite, reducing costs and risks.


How Does It Work?

ABCAN tailor their water treatment systems to a clients specific needs. Our technology can remove a wide range of contaminants from industrial waste water or process water down to acceptable levels for discharge. These systems can be stand alone or connected to an existing water treatment system.

Depending on the type of contamination we can use one or more of the following technologies to remove contaminants:

1. Self-cleaning filtration systems to remove suspended solids.

2: Dosing and a reaction loop to chemically change contaminants into harmless substances.

3: Pressure vessels containing adsorption media which have surfactants that are designed to bind and capture specific contaminants whether free or dissolved.

Key Advantages

  • Removes PAH, BTEX and Phenols.
  • Removes dissolved as well as free oils.
  • Automated system with minimal manual input.
  • Small footprint.
  • High throughput (up to 1000m3 per hour).
  • More cost effective than other methods.
  • Can be tailored to deal with specific contaminants.
  • Can be adjusted to meet specific discharge levels.
  • Can be hired for short term deployment or purchased for permanent systems.
  • Can remove the need for off-site transportation of waste water, saving money and reducing risk.

Industrial Waste Water
Treatment Unit

Additional Waste Water Treatment

ABCAN can treat or remove various chemicals and contaminants including:

  • Hexavalent Chrome (Chrome vi)
  • Oils
  • Cyanide
  • Iron (and Iron Cyanide)
  • Zinc
  • Nickel
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Lead
  • Radioactive Material
  • Mercury
  • Ammonia
  • Phosphate
  • PAHs
  • PCBs
  • BTEX
  • We can treat waste with emulsions and reverse emulsions.

To find out more about how ABCAN can assist you to treat your Industrial Waste Water,
please contact us on info@abcaninc.com