Spill Response with In-Viro-Drum

Spill Response with In-Viro-Drum

In-Viro-Drum  Spill Response

The In-Viro-Drum is a compact and powerful spill recovery system designed to deal with a range of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, including:
– Hydraulic Oil
– Diesel Fuel
– Crude Oil
– Anti-Freeze
– Chemicals
– Paint
– Waste Water
– Slurries
– Sand
– Gravel
– Granular Carbon

Portable Spill Recovery

The In-Viro-Drum is a versatile, powerful and highly mobile vacuum system. It’s is ideal for use in situations where failure is not an option. Its unique design means it is:

– Cost effective
– Extremely user friendly
– Requires a single operator
– Ideal for large or small spills
– Able to cope with a wide range of hazardous solids and liquids.


The In-Viro-Drum was developed in Canada for use in business and service sectors where hazardous spills are an everyday possibility. Each unit is extremely compact and easy to transport and is highly effective for spill recovery in a variety of situations. The sectors where it has been successfully deployed include:

– Oil and Gas
– Construction
– Mining
– Coast Guard/Military
– First Responders
– Municipal

Vacuum Unit

– Optional 5m, externally grounded hose
– Low discharge temperature
– Non sparking blower
– Secondary moisture trap
– Positive air shut off
– Poly-coated air filter
– Drum lid primary shut off
– 76.2mm (3”) Camlocks
– Corrosion resistant

Powerful Engine

The In-Viro-Drum is fitted with a Liquid cooled (3) three cylinder Yanmar diesel engine which is both powerful and highly reliable.
– High temperature and LOP shutdown
– Variable throttle
– Hour meter
– 12 volt battery and battery box
– Available with electric or hydraulic motors
for special applications

Unit Specifications

– Vacuum 8 InHg
– Weight 650 lbs
– Dimensions
L 44″x W 47.5″ x H 50″
– 20 liter fuel tank
– 1 year warranty

Convenient Storage

The In-Viro-Drum system vacuums hazardous solids and liquids into a variety of containment vessels ready for safe transportation and disposal. Many clients are able to use containers already in their inventory or we are able to supply 205 litre storage drums. As the waste is sucked directly into the drums it avoids double handling .

Risk Management

The In-Viro-Drum helps companies and government agencies to improve hazardous spill management. When environmental damage is a possibility or health and safety risks are evident, it allows a rapid and effective response, cutting the associated risks. It also cuts the costs associated with handling and segregating hazardous waste material.

It can be used with a variety of mobility options to suit any situation

To find out more about purchasing, leasing or hiring an In-Viro-Drum
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